About Us

Tamara Livingstone

Chief Executive Officer

My name is Tamara Livingstone and I am the CEO and sole shareholder of Equality Education. The company goal is to create a more inclusive and positive working environment across organisations in Aotearoa. 
I have extensive experience in social media management, event planning, budgeting and a passion for race relations.
As CEO and sole member of Equality Education I hope to work with our community and country to make a difference. 

As a business we have a variety of goals in different areas this includes   
To remain culturally sensitive and ensure any and all communications about different cultures are reviewed by a member of that culture or fact-checked. 
To keep costs down and try to travel within each region all at once instead of going back and forth between regions 
To ensure all information posted is positive and informed 
To be aware of differing opinions within workplaces and ensure workshops are a neutral and controlled environment with everyone's voices able to be heard. 
To have run at least 15 workshops by the end of the year providing resources and have at least 20 social media posts. 
To break even. 
To run 1 community hui within the first 12 months of operation.
Donate 5% of profits to Race Unity Aotearoa at the end of the financial year